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On the way to Trenčiansky Castle, you will definitely get on the way. The café, which was built in the historic building of Katov House.

For example, Janko is also the one who is the first real job. "I'm having fun at the café, people react well," says Janko, the other client of the Social Services Home (DSS) of Adamov Kochanovce. Café On the Way is a sheltered workshop. While he is one of those who can complete the order alone, his fellow-colleagues need help from nurses. "The mentally disadvantaged waiters will therefore prepare the coasters, drinks and take them to the table. However, our assistants are provided with the service, "says one of them Denisa Briestenská. As complemented by the President of the Rotary Club of Trenčín Laugaricio Hana Tisová, the assistants are especially helpful in ordering orders, as these waiters mostly have a communication problem. One thing, however, is that this project is evidence of how mentally disadvantaged people can get involved in normal life. Spaces in the center of the regional city would not be financially withdrawn by the DSS, so the Trenčín Museum, under which the historic house belongs, handed it to them. "Kat's house was closed. Special rents do not have, only energy is paid, "Director of Trenčín Museum Peter Martinisko approached the mutual cooperation.

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