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Tourist Police at Stare Myjave

Ski and Myjavan kicks. Do you think it does not matter to you historically? We were first left in the street, but the times are changing. The winter recreation in this region has been recreating Skiland Stará Myjava ski resort for some years now. Located in the White Carpathian Mountains, ten kilometers north of Myjava and a jump from the state border with the Czech Republic, it looks good. As part of the Touristic Police series, we took a close look at the recreational area of ​​Stará Myjava and reviewed what to offer to visitors in winter.

Although at the time of our visit in mid-February, the surrounding countryside resembled a rather spring, the ski resort was busy. Thanks to artificial snowing and a suitable slope orientation, skiers and bikers have enjoyed the white slopes. The resort also offers evening skiing, ski rental, snowboarding, ski service and car park directly on site. There is no refreshment, the buffet is just below the slope where, besides the coffee, there are also other, not just liquid, goodies. Empty stomachs can choose from a classic range of fast food, which both small and large skiers always fit. And then pull it on the slope! Not with skis, this time only in hiking boots we walk up to the ridge. Because of the condyle and the view of the surrounding countryside.

According to the current owner of Mikuláš Szita, who renovated the resort in its present form, the skiing takes plus-minus from the end of December to the middle of March, depending on the weather. "Skiers from Western Slovakia, Bratislava, Trnava, Záhoria and Myjava are coming to us. We look forward to people like us, and we hope that winter will give us snow and frost this season. "The mild slope is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, especially in skiing. "When it comes to such a great weather as it is today, it is here without a mistake. No waiting for a lift and a relaxed atmosphere. My daughters have taught me to ski here and look at them how great it is! "Says Mr. Jan from Starej Turej, who visits the center regularly with his family. The territory belongs to the protected landscape area, the emphasis is placed on the quality of the natural environment. So why not use it for a true skiing ski? Current ski conditions are recommended to follow on the website of www.skiland.sk.

Even outside the winter season, it is not necessary to have a head in grief, the center organizes various events, concerts, biker fights or football matches throughout the year. There are several well-marked hiking trails in the wider area, perhaps the most interesting is the main ridge route leading almost the entire White Carpathian ridge. The scenic landscape and the dense, little busy road network also have an exceptional potential for developing cycling.

Every good trip wants to satisfy even the taste buds. The gastronomic offer in the neighborhood is modest, but as we have convinced our own skin, their quality is surprisingly high. Walking from the ski resort, near the Stara Myjava water reservoir, we stop at an inconspicuous restaurant named Tobb restaurant. Although the building at first glance does not imply a great experience, the interior and food offer convinced us to the contrary. The friendly staff and tasteful furnishings create a truly inviting atmosphere. We are tasting chicken broth, duck breasts for batat puree and salmon with vegetables. We say that food could compete with the report, even with disguised restaurants. On the way, we also mention the Na Natoni restaurant, which, according to the read reviews, was also worth a warm up. It was a pity that during our visit we were fully booked, so we could not enjoy what it offers.

As we always look for the wider surroundings. Pleasant saturation is taken through the Kopanice to the viewing tower of Poľana. The wavy terrain of the picturesque Kopanic countryside really fascinated us. Approximately an eight-kilometer-long way through the scattered original houses is an experience. One feels like it's time to stop. We already welcome from the distance a wooden lookout tower. It has grown up to 20 meters in 2010 thanks to the project "Let's look over the borders from above", which brought a lot of sightseeing on the Czech-Slovak border. It is situated at the highest point of the area with an altitude of 530 meters. It offers truly beautiful views of the White Carpathians, the Great Javorina massif, the Myjavská hills, the Little Carpathians, Považský Inovec, Tribeč, Vtáčnik and Strážovské vrchy. To the tower also leads the asphalt road from Myjava. If you decide on this trip, it's really a good choice.

Along the way, we stop at the Brestovec water reservoir. The level is guarded by a number of fishermen. In the summer you can sunbathe here, at your own risk to bathe and if it is cold, you can skate here. It is a peaceful place and we recommend it rather by having the pleasure to relax in the room. The Tobb restaurant has another water area - the Stara Myjava water reservoir, which is one of the most popular in the region. It is used for bathing, boating, sunbathing or fishing, near its accommodation and playgrounds, the camp is also frequented thanks to children's camps.

At the end of the soccer ball, the verses have been interpreted in our minds from school time. "It's standing, it's a mound. In the muddy moment, in the mounds of the thorns, the rattles and the thistles, the rattles are growing ... "From Starej Myjavy it is on the Bridge of General MR Štefánik at Bradle to jump. We did not resolve and we stopped at the national and European monuments. The top work of architect Dušan Jurkovič is a national cultural monument, which was included in the European Cultural Heritage list in 2009. The view of the corrugated terrain, hills, fields and meadows, to the distant soccer and the seat, adds even more to the experience of this sacred place. The asphalt route and the tourist walkway from Brezova pod Bradlom lead to the mound, as well as a tourist walk from Štefánik's birthplace, Košariská village. As a rule, they are covered with a white feather, this February is an exception.

Kopanice offers from year to year more. Beautiful nature, trips, cultural and historical wealth, sporting services, better service and especially the soul. This beautiful corner of Slovakia is worth a visit in every season. A good sign for every visitor.

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