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The observation tower Hrajky

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Turá lúka, Slovensko

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In the arms of Myjava’s isolated settlements
The observation tower Hrajky, Turá Lúka

At a sacred place near Turá Lúka stands the observation tower Hrajky. The silent atmosphere coming from the surrounding hills is seldom cut by the noise of cars driving on the near road. From the observation tower you can enjoy the silhouette of large hills. At the sunset, when the sky changes color into yellow and purple, the place becomes a quite place suitable for relaxation and meditation. Let yourself immerse into surrounding cornfields, rounded hills and small houses. Only noise from passing cars will disturb this harmonic moment of peace.

The observation tower Hrajky is located on the eponymous hill lying in the middle of Myjava hills, on the edge of the White Carpathians. The small hill is located only a few hundred meters west of Myjava’s suburban part Turá Lúka in the direction of Sobotište. The observation tower was constructed thanks to the Moravian-Slovak partnership project "Pozrime sa cez hranice z výšky”.
The wooden observation tower, secured with wire ropes, was built in 2010. It is located at an altitude of 298 meters and is 10 meters high, has 61 steps and its observation deck is 9.5 meters above the ground. The area of the observation tower features benches and a resting area for cyclists as the road from Turá Lúka to Senica is a major route to the ruins of the castle Branč and the Kunovská dam.
The view from the tower is rather limited but nevertheless, you will enjoy it to the fullest – isolated dwellings of Myjava hills, Myjava, Myjava river valley and the White Carpathians. When the weather is good you can see Veľká Javorina and Inovec.
The observation tower is easy to reach. It is located near the main road from Myjava - Turá Lúka towards Sobotište.

A tragedy took place at the very spot where the observation tower now stands - twelve Protestants participating in turolúcka rebellion were executed here. The Protestant population of Turá Lúka rebelled against the Catholic authority that wanted to close the church. The incident claimed life of bishop’s brother and twelve Protestants. On the site of the execution now stands a monument dedicated to their memory.
„Pravdu Božiu sme hájili, násilie nás zdeptalo, z mučeníckych našich hrobov slnce žitia zas vzplálo.“


The watch tower offers a beautiful view of the surrounding isolated dwellings. Visitors can get there using a newly built asphalt cycling trail leading from the main road towards the wind power plant at the top of Ostrý vrch while admiring local beautiful nature.

A permanent exhibition of a typical Myajva isolated dwelling from the 19th century. All the exhibits are originals that were once in the possession of local people. The exposition lives its own life – a farmer with his wife takes care of the whole property. They will be happy to show you around, cook you some local meals, show how they take care of animals or how to make Myjavský towel. You can also try on local Myjava costume.

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