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The cycling route between the town of Prievidza and the village of Zemianske Kostoľany will move closer to the realization

Trencian Autonomous Region as Green County gradually builds cycling infrastructure in the whole region. In the Upper Nitra region, an approximately 70 km long cycle route, linking the towns of Handlová, Prievidza, Nováky and Partizánske, should lead to the border with the Nitra region. The first section of the project documentation for the territorial decision will be the section between the town of Prievidza and the village Zemianske Kostoľany.

Last year, Trenčiansky samosprávny kraj (TSK) worked out a feasibility study of the cycle route in the Upper Nitra region , which offers a proposal for alternative solutions for the route guidance and its route. The study also takes into account alternatives in terms of spatial planning documentation of the affected cities and municipalities, property and demographics, as well as in terms of eligibility for funding. The study resulted in several variants, of which one was selected as recommended.

This process was preceded by the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation for further preparation of the project "Improvement of Cycling Infrastructure in Upper Nitra" by almost 20 representatives of the cities and municipalities concerned. In preparation for the implementation of the project, the county continues to move. "The next step is the preparation of the documentation for the territorial decision in the selected section between the town of Prievidza and the village Zemianske Kostoľany. We have decided for this section for several reasons; the most crucial of which is its eligibility for funding from the European Union's non-repayable funds, "explained Radovan Hladký, in charge of TSK's Transportation Department.

At the first workshop since the signing of the Memorandum, which was held on Friday, 20 April 2018 in Novák, the representatives of the TSK Office and the cities and municipalities concerned agreed on connection points in particular. The city of Prievidza, in co-operation with the town of Bojnice, has developed a cycle route project and at the first stage it has approved funds from the European funds. The section that the county intends to build up to the railway station in Zemianske Kostoľany, will lead to the end point of this cycling route. In order to be able to finance the European Union's cycling route on the upper Nitra, it is necessary to ensure the connection between the settlement points and the employers in the region.

Source: Odd. communication and international relations of TSK

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