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What about Manin ?!

Every heart-seeker of the heart will scream at the sight of the green nature. The tourist season is officially launched. The only thing left is to brush up the tourist boots and the mountains to explore another interesting locality of the Trenčín region. This time, the upper Povazie, which hides many nice slopes, caught us. One of the most motivating is the area of ​​Manínská Tiesňava. Our tourist police are heading right there.

The Natural Reserve of Manínska Tiesňava, located in Suľovské vrchy, about 6 kilometers from Považská Bystrica, is the narrowest rock canyon in Slovakia - and, according to many information, throughout Central Europe. At the same time it is considered one of the most beautiful natural sites of Považia. We find it between the distinct peaks of the Great (890.6 m asl) and the Little Manina (812.6 m asl), which once formed a continuous limestone ridge. Cutting the Manský creek into a soft limestone is a narrow basin with steep rock walls, up to 400 meters high.

Strecha Slovenska and other "naj"

Tiesňava is less than a kilometer long and in some places is only a few meters wide. The smallest place of traffic in the past has been in the past for cars. Furmani had to unload the goods in front of him, dismantle the cars, transfer everything, and then fold the cars again. This condition lasted until 1933, when the smallest part was taken in the easiest place and a hard way was built through the emergency. The busiest place today is barely busy, it is only 3.7 meters wide. The eastern continuation of Manínská Tiesňava is the nature reserve Kostolecká tiesňava, where you can admire the other "naj", the largest rock overlooking the Carpathian arch, also called "Strecha Slovenska".

In Slovakia, Manínska Tiesňava belongs to the most popular tourist sites. In addition to beautiful views of the surrounding hills and peaceful walks by itself, there is also one of the best rocky terrains in Slovakia. Thanks to the cold and humid microclimate, there are also many rare species of plants and animals that otherwise live in much higher mountain climates.

The season is in full swing

The route starts in Záskalie village, at the intersection of tourist signs park the car and we choose the green mark. After a while of walking through the footpath we can enjoy the view And what about Manin ?! Tourist Police 7 at the majestic Kostolecký Dóm. The path is further into the woods, followed by a rather steep climbing through the woods to the Pod Manny Manor. Here we change the color and we are going to lead the yellow marking through the ridge until Manínská tiesňava.

The sun is initially concealed and the surrounding trees under the wind force in the woods emit moody sounds. Later, on the ridge, however, it will peek out and distract everything. At the saddle we meet the "beginner tourists" - Ivu from Bytča with my friend. "Tourism has caught my heart only recently, last year while staying in the Nimnica Spa near here. I made excursions to the surroundings. Well, today I took my friend to Manin, it's beautiful, "she says. After an optimistic encounter and a look at the map, we find out that we have missed the turn of the Partizansk cave. We search for advice from experienced local people. They are willing to take us as a companion to the "maniac novice". A group of active pensioners from Považská Bystrica, who have kept their lives in fitness for a long time, talked to us about everything in their lives. Tourists also share their grandchildren and granddaughters, but as with a smoky smile they add - "They would rather than hills, after the disco walks!" We return to the cave to a smaller circuit, but it does not matter, it was worth it.

For three hours 10 km We stand on a perspective bracket called Shaked Rock. The front part has been separated from the rest of it by a crack. From here there is the best view of Malý Manín, the sparkling and wide surroundings. The second view, several tens of meters away, points to Hazkalia, Kostolecký Dóm and a group of steep rock balls called Bosman. On the way, we find another rock formation typical of Súľovské skaly - a "window" in the rock, through which the Kostolecký tiesňavu can be seen.

After a while we look at the insurance chain leading to Partizanske Cave. It forms a single, about twenty-foot long corridor. The name gave it history because it served as a temporary partisan shelter during the SNP. Therefore, we recommend that you draw attention and, after connecting to the yellow marker, follow the right direction of the turn to the direction of the cave.

We are returning to the original route. A moment's climb, but then just down. Rúbanisko, serpentíny, beautiful forest, to the end we go near Manin camping. We will join the red tourist sign, which is part of the Mansion Tiesňava Walking Path, and by the asphalt road we reach the closest point of the Tiesňava. The brightest look is back on the way we came. The rock walls close it completely, and above them the needle of the Kavčej skaly. After a short stop and a few photos, we continue on the road and after the second narrowing of the amusement we leave the rock community. A symbolic cemetery, a resting place for lovers of nature from around the world, who died in the mountains, in the Straits of Mann, or they deserve to promote beautiful Mann's nature. We are happy to return to the start, the car to Záskalia. The whole area of ​​Záskalie - the riverside under the Great Manín - the Partizánska Cave - Manínska tiesňava - The reservoir is about ten kilometers long and includes shorter breaks for more than 3 hours.

U Petra Jilemnického

Burned calories are to be added to Manin's pension in the nearby village of Kostolec. It was the reconstruction of the historic building of the elementary school built in 1927. An important teacher who worked here - Petra Jilemnického - reminds the memorial table in front of the building. The interior is tastefully adapted to the original purpose of the building. The choice of meals is rather modest, but traditional Slovak cuisine does not disappoint. With boiled goulash and bryndz haluškami, we are happy. A meal with a nice view of the already mentioned Bosmanas we enjoyed out on the terrace. In case of a longer stop, the capacity of a really pleasant guesthouse can be used as well. At the end of today's pilgrimage, Považský Castle, which has been observed only from far away from Váh, has beckons us. The starting point is Považské Podhradie, the local part of Považská Bystrica. The short exit to his bowels is decided to pay off. In the sunny sunset, the view from this place has a unique atmosphere. Pleasantly tired and fulfilling experiences from an active day we are returning home. We have nothing to do but to confirm that the area of ​​Manínská Tiesňava is rightly among Slovak NAJ sites and definitely worth a visit. Whether you choose an unforgettable walk through a spirited walkway, an educational walk or go to the surrounding hills, Manin always enchants you.

text: bafa

photo by Marek Loduha

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