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Euro banknotes for collectors

The historic and architectural gem of Trencianske Teplice and the spa town are undoubtedly Hammam. They built it in 1888 and on its 130th birthday,…

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General Štefánik is part of the vestibule of the county office by the end of February

From Friday 1 February 2019 throughout the whole month, the public can recognize the personality and life story of one of the co-founders of the…

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Under the supervision of Štefánik

"We are Transparent, not Transparent," says Peter Czere, mayor of Kopanice. His story and the story of his village are interesting. She could write…

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Tourist gems of Trenčiansky kraj

Bojnice castle as a diamond of Upper Nitra, Trenčín castle as a sapphire among reps, Manínska tiesňava as the emerald of Horné Povazia, Beckov…

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The true beauty of the Slovak village

For someone, it is a place that has preserved its original historical character and distinctive folk architecture. Tourists will appreciate the many…

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Tourist treasures of the Trencin region at ITF Slovakiatour in Bratislava

As well as the lesser known tourist attractions of the Trenčín region, the visitors of the ITF Slovakiatour 2019 Tourism Fair in Bratislava can…

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Regiontour 2019 - The Presentation of Tourism in the Trenčín Region attracts visitors

In the premises of the Brno Exhibition Center, the next edition of the International Tourism Fair - Regiontour 2019 was held on 17 - 20 January 2019…

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Vote in the "Winter We Thunder" Photo Competition and Win!

Throughout the month, from January 22, 2019 to February 22, 2019, the public has the opportunity to take part in the vote on the most beautiful…

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