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Captivated by history, art and skilled people

Crossroads, a major artery of the past and present. Nitrianske Pravno is officially a village with three thousand inhabitants, but it has several…

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More than 30 pilgrims set out on the marked route Skalka - Velehrad

The 2nd year of the Czech-Slovak journey from the oldest pilgrimage site Skalka near Trenčín to Velehrad was presented by St. Mass in the Church of…

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Compete with us for nice prizes!

Join the competition from the workshop of the kamsdetmi.sk portal and play for attractive prizes!. Just answer two questions in the competition…

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On the coronation

Sitting at home on the couch, watching the negative news about the pandemic and doing nothing? Each of us must have found some activity so that he…

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The Trenčín Region is developing cooperation in the field of cultural heritage development

The Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Trenčín Regional Chamber, the Trenčín Regional Tourism Organization (KOCR), Beckov Castle, zzpo,…

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A lookout tower could grow on the defunct castle

The center of the Košice estate was once a castle, which dates back to the 13th century. Under his administration, there were several villages in…

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You can listen to the history in 5 languages

In November 2018, the Regional Tourism Organization (KOCR) Trenčín Region presented for the first time 10 audio recordings, which it placed on the…

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The real wealth is hidden in the mountains

Strážovské vrchy are among the places with the most beautiful natural environment in the Trenčín region. Several hiking trails lead to their highest…

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