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The Cyril and Methodius Journey received the title Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

The international project Cyril and Methodius Journey, in which the Trenčín self-governing region also participates, received the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe certificate. The project is thus registered among the certified cultural routes and at the same time is the first of its kind with a focus on Slavic cultural heritage. This success is comparable to the UNESCO World Heritage Site and promises all partner regions the opportunity to develop international cultural tourism.

The European Cultural Route of St. Cyril and Methodius (EKCCM) tried for several years. This was also possible thanks to the excellent presentation of the international team to the Council of Europe commission. "Recognition from the European institutions is good news for us and at the same time proof that our work is reflected and desirable. It is an appreciation of all generations who have paid or are paying attention and care to the Cyril-Methodist legacy. It is also a ticket to the field of international and sustainable tourism and it is up to us how we will make full use of it to spread Cyril-Methodist unifying ideas, increase attendance and our own territorial development, " said director Martina Janochová.

Jaroslav Baška, the mayor of the Trenčín self-governing region, did not hide his joy from the certification of the project: “The Cyril-Methodist path and cooperation that developed within the given activity is of great importance for the Trenčín county. The award of the title Cultural Route of the Council of Europe is not just an ordinary stamp on paper, but a reward for the long-term efforts of all actors involved, the result of purposeful steps and effective work. The Trenčín self-governing region has been a member of the association since 2014 and every year to support activities aimed at preserving the legacy of the believers of St. Cyril and Methodius contributes 5 thousand. eur. "

One of the cultural objects that are part of the rich network of Cyril and Methodius cities and represents the Trenčín region is the oldest pilgrimage site in Slovakia Skalka near Trenčín. Within the framework of international cooperation, it has been possible for two years in a row to successfully make a cross-border journey from this place of pilgrimage to Velehrad. "The first year of the international journey started in 2019, when we also symbolically opened the first marked Czech-Slovak route, approximately 90 km long, of which 25 km is the Slovak part. The Czech Tourists 'Club, in cooperation with the Slovak Tourists' Club, took care of marking the section leading from Skalka to Velehrad, "said Eva Frývaldská, Director of the Trenčín Regional Tourism Organization (KOCR).

Details about the Cyril and Methodius route, the EKCCM association and other important information are available on the websites www.putujmebezhranic.cz or www.cyril-methodius.cz .

photo: Jiří Balát

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