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Natural swimming pool Opatová

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Trenčín - Opatová, Slovensko

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If you want to enjoy the summer and enjoy the opportunity to relax and sport in a natural environment close to Trenčín , one of the few opportunities for swimming is the natural lake at the cottage in Opatova nad Váhom .

Excellent water and new attractions, easy access, popular entrance, on-site parking, lodging and catering services.

Opatová recreation area, with its swimming pool, will please the people who are looking for a bath in a quiet environment. In the area you can enjoy and relax with the whole family, the lake completely cleaned, the water is springs , drinking and completely health-friendly . Renovated area , new seating , terraces for sunbathing , dressing rooms and two new buffets . We also have a children's playground , slippers . During the season, people are also supervising the lifeguard .

The news is really enough, we believe that we will please both children and adults. We are looking forward to aquazorbingu , for children we have prepared a seven-meter inflatable slide , we do not even have a trampoline . In the event that children do not have enough to say - they can get stuck on our big inflatable jumping castle . A special pool for the smallest children is also on site .

The deepest part of the lake has three and a half meters , the lake is a reserved part for children , which is covered by a small Danube gravel . It's such a nice big entrance to the lake, not to bend, it's about 50 meters, so places are enough.

The swimming pool is open daily from 9am to 8pm.

In the area there is the possibility of accommodation and boarding in Opatovska chata or cottages , there are possibilities for grilling and buffets. Surrounding nature attracts tourists, hiking, mushrooming, cycling .


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Trenčín, Slovensko


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