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Dolná Mariková, Slovensko

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We offer for rent a fully furnished cottage with a pool in the semi-detached house.

Built on a southern hill with beautiful views of the valley and the surrounding mountains

Swimming in a mud outdoor swimming pool measuring 8x4x1,5m.

The surroundings of the cottage are known for its rich annual mushroom habit ( www.nahuby.sk ). It is also suitable for tourists and hunters, hiking trails are nearby. There is a wide fortress nearby. Possibility of fishing and boating on the pond ( 8km Horná Mariková-Modlatín ) and the dam Nimnica ( 17km Nimnica ). The cottage is situated in the village of Kátlina, which is associated with the village of Dolná Marikova , 7 km away from the cottage. In the summer you can reach the chateau by car (500m stone path), during winter only 4x4 or walking (70m short) from the asphalt road to the hill to the cottage.

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Address Kátlina 634
018 02 Dolná Mariková

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