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The best in tourism for 2021 received their awards

On Monday, October 10, 2022, at the office of the Trenčín Self-Governing Region (TSK), the best in the tourism industry, who have contributed significantly to the development of tourism and the improvement of services in this industry in the past year, received awards. Their hard work was awarded by the regional tourism organization Trenčín Region, which has been presenting the prestigious TOP in tourism award for the fifth year.

As in previous years, 6 categories were awarded. TOP accommodation facility, personality of the tourism industry, TOP innovation in the tourism industry, TOP tourist product and facility accessible to the severely disabled (ŤZP). Nominations for the awards were submitted by regional tourism organizations and the winners of the individual categories were decided by an expert committee. A separate category is represented by the TOP gastronomic establishment, in which the winner was decided by the general public through electronic voting.

"The TOP award in the tourism industry is very popular with the professional and lay public every year, as it represents a guarantee of quality and an evaluation of the honest work of workers in the tourism industry. That is why I am very pleased that today, together with the chairman of TSK Jaroslav Bašek, we can solemnly thank all the laureates for their efforts and reward them ," said the chairman of KOCR Trenčín region, Juraj Gerlici

The prize for the TOP accommodation facility , which became the recreational facility Rybník Horná Mariková – Modlatín, was accepted on behalf of the director of OOCR Horné Považie, Anna Kardošová. The Rybník complex is located in the village of Horná Mariková near the Javorníky mountains. Accommodation is provided in beautiful wooden bungalows located in a carefully maintained and fully equipped area. A multifunctional playground with sports equipment, fireplaces, grills or even a Finnish sauna with a tub are available to visitors. The area also includes a mini zoo with farm animals, which will be especially appreciated by families with children.

The title Tourism Personality was awarded to Jozef Tomík , a long-time leading member of the falconry group Aquila from Bojnice, which is involved not only in the upper Nitra region, but also in the entire region. In addition to organizing performances in the area above the Bojnice castle, he is involved in most events or activities in Bojnice and the surrounding area as a moderator, organizer or program speaker.

As the TOP innovation , the jury awarded the mobile application Hrady 3D , the content of which is augmented reality at Trenčín Castle, specifically in Barbora's Palace. The application makes the offer of Trenčia Castle more attractive and modern, thanks to which it attracts a lot of visitors looking for innovations and modern technologies. KOCR Trenčín region was responsible for creating the application.

The TOP tourist product in the tourism industry became the product of Kúpeľov Trenčianske Teplice as, a spa stay called Post Covid Medical . It is an ideal stay for relaxation and relaxation of the body in a harmonious combination of spa and wellness procedures. The Trenčianske Teplice spa was the first spa that came up with the idea of creating a special stay, not only for patients after overcoming covid, but also for health workers after a stressful period during the pandemic. Andrej Puček, commercial director of the spa, received the award.

Hotel Panorama in Trenčianske Teplice won the award in the category facility accessible for the disabled . The four-star hotel offers a wide portfolio of services. In addition to comfortable accommodation, a restaurant, a lobby bar and excellent wellness, the basic ones also include care for guests with disabilities. The award was accepted by the director of the hotel Marta Mišíková.

The general public decided on the TOP Gastro equipment through an online vote. In the current year, this honor was awarded to the restaurant Alej in Bojnice, which received 191 votes. Customers appreciated the main idea of the chef, which is: "no semi-finished products, glutamines, artificial flavorings. Just honest home cooking, no overcombined dishes or downright experiential cuisine." Owner and chef Marek Karaka accepted the award.

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