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Partizánske, Slovensko

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LOFT Club Caffe Café is located in the center of Partizánske on General Svoboda Street, close to the train and bus stations .

Location is ideal for different types of seating such as sitting with a business partner in our modern cafeteria or shortening and relishing long waiting for a train or bus with the VERSAY quality coffee offered by our café. The spaces of our café can be used for many other types of seating.

Our coffee VERSAY Caffe PLANTATIO is the Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee bean, the best coffee growing area in Costa Rica .

There is nothing better in today's long-awaited time to find a moment for yourself and your loved ones, stop by for a moment and make it more pleasant with the mouth of a delicious drink along with fresh dessert, according to the daily offer.

You can choose from several types of desserts . To make your day smooch, you can, for example, make fruit cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, fruit cakes, cake cake, almond cake, tiramisu, macronuts of different flavors, cream-fruit cups and other crisps. We also have gluten-free cakes.

We also offer boiled chocolate , roasted teas , various fruit and vegetable freshes , beer , wine , mixed drinks , original rose lemonade from roses and other beverages .

LOFT CLUB CAFFE offers you water-borrowing water to which you can choose the flavor of a varied range of quality tobaccos . Our café has 75 seats and is divided into 3 parts:

- non - smoker part with seating capacity 25
- a smoker section with 30 seating positions
- a terrace with 20 seats

The smoking room is equipped with high-quality suction . This section features a high-end projection that lets you watch video clips , movies , live football, hockey, and other high- quality sports events . The whole area of ​​the café is equipped with a high quality sound system .

It is possible to book a place for sitting in your chosen part of the cafe beforehand, and we also have the possibility to book the entire smoking room, reservation of this room is suitable hire for various types of celebrations such as birthday parties , farewells with freedom and others.

Make your coffee and delicious drinks a bit more than just a refreshment.

Many LOFT CLUB CAFFEs are waiting for you with lots of time.


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Monika Ivanková kaviaren@loftcafe.sk


Address Generála Svobodu 1660/28
95801 Partizánske

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