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Try pumptrack - adrenaline in your blood

If driving on the road or mountain trails seems a little adrenaline-fueled, try pumptrack.

Artificially created tracks are growing across Slovakia, while our region is no exception. Although the Kálnický resort is one of the top resorts, you can also experience a new cycling feeling on a smaller track. However, you will definitely not lose the increased adrenaline in your blood. You can try the pump track in Nováky, Myjava, for example, but also in villages such as Bošáca or Trenčianska Turná.

While the track in Bošác is surrounded by nature and is located on the outskirts of the village, you will find the Novak pumptrack track right in the heart of the town on Rastislavova street. This way it was able to distinguish itself from other lines, which are mostly created on the outskirts of cities. Cyclists do not lack the opportunity to make full use of the city's infrastructure and after sports performance they can stop at a nearby ice cream parlor. The pump track is an ideal place for training, but also relaxation. It is not just for professionals and racers. The track can be completed by children on bouncers, "recreational" riders and beginners who are interested in sports. "Cycling is experiencing a huge boom and has long been very popular throughout Slovakia in various age categories. The construction of new pump tracks has expanded the growing base of sports venues in the Trenčín Region, in which I see great potential for the development of tourism, "said Juraj Gerlici, Chairman of the Trenčín Regional Tourism Organization.

What is a pumptrack?

The track for bikers is different in that the cyclist can complete quite the entire track without stepping on the pedals. He thus trains work with the center of gravity, balance, gravity and uses mainly the initial energy when driving with twisted turns or driving uphill and downhill.

photo: Myjava

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