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Malé Bielice, Slovensko

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"You know what you know about us."

⇥⇥⇥⇥⇥ Thanks to the open kitchen and fresh ingredients , we prove that we care about our quality.

We are a family restaurant focused on Italian cuisine . We have been operating since 2011. You will find us on the main street just before Partizánsky, in the village Malé Bielice .

Our meals consist of meat dishes , homemade pasta , tasty pizza prepared by the traditional method of baking in wood ovens and other tasty Italian dishes . We prepare the food from the original Italian raw materials from Modena, Parma and Reggio Emilia.

We cooperate directly with a family restaurant in the center of Modena , Danilo, where we gain experience in cooking techniques as well as in the preparation of home-made products from the road. We visit these regions twice a year in order to gain new experiences and ideas. Raw materials from these areas are regularly imported by an Italian supplier . Our staff is trained by an Italian chef and puts his experience and skills into prepared meals in our restaurant.

We have chosen a way to prepare meals in front of the customer's eyes in an open, open-view kitchen , so that a cook-customer contact is secured under the slogan: "You know what you eat" .

We offer a daily menu , a tenth menu and food delivery .

We organize family celebrations , weddings and other events. There is a summer terrace , Wi-Fi , videoprojector , parking in front of the restaurant, children's play area .

Looking forward to your visit.


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Daniela Foltánová info.interier@gmail.com


Address Hlavná 115
95804 Malé Bielice

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