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Trenčianske Teplice



Spa Trencianske Teplice

Our Slavic ancestors treated the harsh rheumatic joints with harshness. However, the Turks have learned to use a more effective medicine - a bath in a sulfur spring ...


Trencianske Teplice is the famous oldest and most sought after anti-erotic spa in Slovakia. The first written report on the use of mineral, thermal and sulfuric medicinal water dates back to 1242. Thermal springs include their physical properties and chemical composition into a group of natural, sulphate, calcium-magnesium, sulfur, hot hypotonic mineral waters with increased fluorine content. They have an ideal temperature of 37 to 40.3 degrees Celsius, allowing them to be used in their natural state without any additional conditioning. In the "Pearl Carpathians", as poetically called by some visitors a picturesque spa town, they successfully treat diseases of the locomotor system and nervous diseases. They are one of the few baths that have preserved the character of the purely spa town.


There was a poor shepherd in the nearby village of Váh. When he flocked a herd, he often saw the vapor rise from the barns, the smell of which he did not know. Once - when old and chilly - he dove with his herd into the Teplice valley. He stood beside the pond, from which the white breeze appeared, and the strange odor spread. One of his wolves with wounded teeth left a pause and went to the barin. The old shepherd noticed that she was walking there every day. After a while, he found that his chrome leg returned to mobility. The old shepherd, one day, also dipped his tired and misty limbs into the warm waters of the pond above the strands. Day after day he was swimming and felt relieved. His feet served him for a month.


At the world exhibition in Paris Iphigenie de Castries discovered a plastic model of a Turkish bath designed by Czech architect František Schmoranz. Arabic means hammam bath. In 1888, the Turkish baths were built in Moorish style even in our country. The boots are decorated with white-blue tiles made only for this bath, with the initials of the owner (IC). In the 19th century, Hammam was an attraction and, by the time, the most expensive spa in Trenčianske Teplice. Nowadays it is used as a massage parlor and relaxing after a bath in a mirror.


Lovers walking in green arms are also enchanted by nature reserves "Baba" and "Žičhavavník - Baske".


Natural conditions, at an altitude of 272 m, create a favorable climate not only for year-round spa treatment.

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Address T.G.Masaryka 21
914 51 Trenčianske Teplice


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