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Sebedražie, Slovensko

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Underground brown-coal kingdom

Do you want to feel excitement, adventure and see the natural beauty of the world under our feet? Not the fairytale kingdom of Permonians or cartoon moles. In the offer is the story of the "treacherous" mines after a difficult road to the brown treasure of the underground.

Baňa Cigeľsa is located approximately 5 km southeast of the town of Prievidza. Even today, the browns are being mined and the ministry greetings "Happy God!" You will receive a helmet with a snake, a clothing, a self-defense device and a registration stamp. As well as miners, visitors to the museum will hand over the stamp in the lamproom to let the bishop know who is underground . The path of miners, whose daily hugs of mysterious and dangerous spaces, has been mined by Minnesota trainers in Hornonitrian Mines. After narrow trails in the length of over two kilometers of visitors to the depths of the brown coal mine Cigeľ. Only thanks to the turnout the saturators will not get to the "live" mining section, but to the underground open-air museum. The tour then goes on for about half a mile, reinforced by the underground Juniper corridors with undercuts.

The exhibition is closely related to the history of brown coal mining in Slovakia in the particular conditions of the Upper Nitra region. Thanks to experienced underground guides, you can also discover the mysterious world of goblins - the stories and humorous stories that miners tell and talk about. In the money Cigeľ you will find on the surface and underground unique surfaces, tools and machines used in the past to the foot.

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Address Sebedražie
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