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Castle prisons - ancient past or absurdity of the present?

It does not surprise anyone that castles around the world were an ideal place to build prisons in the past. The reason was the fact that these were…

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To the cave and the extinct German settlement

Seven years ago, tourist enthusiasts from Veľké Uheriec built a 17-kilometer Ponitrím nature trail.. It includes ten information panels that will…

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Opening of branches of the Trenčín Museum

The Trenčín Museum in Trenčín, under the founding authority of the Trenčín self-governing region, has reopened its branches to the public.. Trenčín…

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The secrets of Trenčín Castle will be revealed by a georadar survey

Georadar or GPR (Ground penetrating radar) is a universal geophysical device that can be used to non-destructively survey and monitor subsurface…

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Today, the forest railway route attracts tourists

In the past, there was a forest railway between Selcom and Trenčín, which was used to weigh wood from the Považský Inovec mountains.. Its operation…

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Ľudovít Štúr's 205th birthday

On October 28, 2020, we commemorated the 205th anniversary of the birth of Ľudovít Štúr, an important national founder of standard Slovak.. By…

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You are guaranteed to choose from the program of the HoryZonty film festival

The HoryZonty Festival will take place on the original date of November 5-7, 2020 via the Internet. It again brings amazing professional and non…

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Cave of prehistoric beasts

Here you will find the skulls of a cave lion or a cave bear, but also cave curd. And once a year you will experience a concert here. On the slope of…

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