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Winter is ticking

21. 12. 2018 - 20. 01. 2019

What will come from the combination of winter, the Trencin region, the camera and a clever enthusiast? Yet another series of thematic seasonal…

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2nd year of the TOP GASTRO competition

20. 11. 2018 - 20. 12. 2018


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Nové Mesto nad Váhom

23. 05. 2018 - 20. 06. 2018

Is photography your hobby? Do you never forget about the camera when walking, hiking or various events? Do not hesitate to join the newest "MY PLACE…

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Cross County for 100 days

The Regional Tourism Organization (KOCR) The Trenčín region has prepared for the summer months (1.6.2018 - 8.9.2018) an entertaining tourist…

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Mystery of the Peace Square-icon

Mystery of the Peace Square


14. 05. 2018 - 21. 05. 2018

Join the kids in the "Mystery of the Peace Square" quest. Find the 13 posts hidden in the Peace Square and solve the assigned tasks. A sweet reward…

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Trenčianska Vrchárska koruna continues this year-icon

Trenčianska Vrchárska koruna continues this year

Trenčiansky kraj

10. 04. 2018 - 30. 11. 2018

. . After two successful years, the Vrchárska koruna Trenčianska continues, which again brings new challenges for passionate athletes. . The…

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Top Gastro

10. 12. 2017 - 10. 01. 2018


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Replace the good idea for a new TSK bike!

The Trenčian Region, which is becoming more and more green, has prepared an interesting competition for all cyclists. Its main role is played by a…

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