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the rain

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Relax in the Trenčín region even during Christmas

Measures are also in force in December, which are updated at regular intervals, based on the development of the Covid-19 pandemic in Slovakia.…

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Gems in close proximity

The very name of the village suggests that in the past lived important aristocratic families. Today, it is known to the public mainly thanks to the…

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St. Nicholas at Trenčín Castle!

The day of the arrival of St. St. Nicholas is approaching and the Trenčín Museum in Trenčín is happy to announce that Mikuláš will also visit…

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Christmas at Bojnice Castle-icon

Christmas at Bojnice Castle

The unique spaces of Bojnice Castle will be filled with the scent of needles and the shine of Christmas decorations during this year's Christmas…

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Ecological bench postcards in other towns of the Trenčín region

Already in 2019, the regional tourism organization (KOCR) of the Trenčín region came with an unconventional invitation to visit the dominants of the…

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The cradle of giants

The date of October 28, 1918 is especially important for our nation. For the first time, the Slovaks joined the common independent democratic…

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MA Bazovský's permanent exhibition is nominated for the National Design Award

The National Design Award is a prestigious award given by the Slovak Design Center since 1993. It is the highest form of recognition and…

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Castle prisons - ancient past or absurdity of the present?

It does not surprise anyone that castles around the world were an ideal place to build prisons in the past. The reason was the fact that these were…

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